Mapex drums

People ask us : what about the drums ?

Well, we have good news : we are now selling Mapex drum kits. A lot of other accessories, sticks, drumheads and cymbals will be available as well …

No big quantities, but quality !



Manuel Rodriguez FG Rizada

The Manual Rodriguez FG Rizada was built using the finest woods. Each Rizada is as unique and individual as the musician who plays it.

That certainly is the first thing you will notice when checking out this classical guitar in the shop.



Reverend guitars

Reverend has grown from auspicious beginnings to become one of the fastest growing and most respected US guitar companies today !

At Groove Street we are proud to say that we have been selling these beauties since early 2003 …

Pictured is the Pete Anderson Signature. Checkout our big Reverend inventory at the shop today …


Breedlove Pursuit series guitars

For players seeking maximum projection for ample stage presence, as well the refinement needed for vocal accompaniment, the Pursuit series captures Breedlove’s distinctively crafted sound in an affordable package.

Every Pursuit it a versatile instrument that will project sound well. Includes built-in USB port for easy interfacing with GarageBand and other recording software.


Bare Knuckle pickups

Bare Knuckle Pickups is based in the South West of England, UK.

The company is specialised in hand-wound electric guitar pickups.

Groove Street is a dealer for many years now. We are the best when it comes to advice on these handwound BKP pickups.


3 Monkeys Pedalboards

Surprise !

Brad Whitford, touring with Aerosmith has been using 3 Monkeys Amps for years.

Currently he even has a 3 Monkeys pedalboard. This item might be in production soon …

Want one ? Please let us know !


FGN Neo Classic guitars

The FGN version of the historic LP Standard offers everything you expect from Fujigen : perfect finish without the usual weaknesses, woods with no weight reduction and built-in sustain until you drop !

An optical feast for the eyes : a flame maple top was applied on body.


Blackstar ID:Core amps

ID:Core represents the culmination of more than seven years’ technical research and development at Blackstar.

These amps have an intuitive control set like a traditional amp, but have the versatility of programmability.

Ideal at home and with stereo sound !


MXR delivery

New pedals from MXR :

The Uni-Vibe, Echoplex preamp and the previously limited edition La Machine.

We are the first having these effects in stock. Check them out while they are available.


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