FGN Masterfield guitars

Checkout the shop for the FGN Masterfield guitars.

These are the highest quality instruments available from the Fujigen Japan factory. Easily the best semi-acoustics we came across in a lifetime. Pictured is the Masterfield P90 in flamed orange burst.


Reverend Sensei RA

This is the new kid on the block : the Sensei RA in silver burst !

The Sensei RA brings together classic styling with modern features, making it the perfect weapon for today’s heavy players.


Buy three and pay two

Until the end of the month, we offer the ‘buy three and pay two’ promo on our guitar, bass and ukulele strings in stock.

It is simple : buy three of the same packets of strings and pay only for two.

We hope to see you around !


Lava high-end Tightrope patch cables

This revolutionary do-it-yourself pedal board patch cable kit features the industry first high-end Tightrope Plug made with solid Trillium Copper that is silver plated for lowest resistance and highest conductivity of any phono plug on the market.

Matched with the Ultramafic 32 pF/ft capacitance patch cable, this kit delivers superior signal transfer, super easy assembly at the lowest possible price.


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